Yup, down the trail :)

Goodmorning to you all,

Yes its 6:15 again and here we are. Thank you all for reading my blog.

Yes, this was a good week. I had a weight watchers meeting yesterday and i was down as expected as much as i had expected: 1.9 kilo’s (which is 4,1 pounds). I guess i am secretly hoping to be back on the trail that goes down. I have been kind of stuck in the same town for a while. Which is why i got depressed about it. I have to keep at it this week and more importantly, this weekend. Weekends are always hard for me as we are at the caravan. So i made myself a little journal to help keep me on track. I so hope it works. Its just a little book with some tabs inside but its bright and cheery, maybe just enough for me to hang in there.

So yesterday morning i had three beschuit with Gouda cheese. Beschuit is something typically Dutch and here is what google translate came up with. Beschuit translates as  hardtack, rusk or sea biscuit. Hope this helps, next time i will take a photo hahahaha. For lunch i had some boiled fish with broccoli and cheese. After which Yvano and i went to the library. Then we went to a friends for a cuppa, i helped out a little in the garden, not even enough to break a sweat in the sun, had a cup of tea and chatted for a while.

For dinner we had some pasta.

I diced chicken breast. Wokked that with some garlic. I added a pound bag of soup veggies and a box of mushrooms 🙂 I stir fried that until it was cooked. Then i added a generous dash of soy sauce and a can of diced tomatoes. I let that simmer for a bit in the mean time i boiled some fusili pasta and mixed it all together 🙂 Twas yummie tihi

No extra movement today except from the little bit of gardening and chatting most of the afternoon.haha In the evening i went to weight watchers. Our coach talked about movement and what it does for our bodies. She mentioned that 20 minutes a day was enough to get your body burning of the extra’s. So i got on the www and sent her the link for the 10 minute zumba workout…i should have done it while i was watching it duh.

Oh well, today a new day. I am feeling good about me 🙂 It’s going to be a busy day with a few meetings and at least one of them isn’t going to be a nice one. So i hope i feel this strong when i get home from work.

Huggles for now.Have a great day.


Dress to impress

Goodmorning folkes,

Its 6:16 am and here i am posting my blog 🙂 When i am doing well i love to share everything with the WWW and when i am not, i close up like a clam and gloat with myself and snap at dear hubby :).

I am doing really well. Today is weigh day at the meeting and i am sure i have a big down 🙂 That new number on the scale is still blinking at me, its even down a few notches behind the comma.

I put on my new clothes to work yesterday and like six people said ‘ now you can see you have lost so much weight ‘. Believe me when i say that makes you feel really good inside. The clothes and the comments make me feel good about myself. You walk just a little taller, besides it’s a little more elegant when you don’t have to heave up your jeans every second step 🙂 I have said like a gazillion times, positivism is soooo important when you are trying to lose weight. I really do believe there a five things you need, need, need when trying to lose weight:

1) Positivism
2) A journal
3) A water bottle
4) Exercise
5) Support team – inspiration

Not necessarily in that order hahahahaha. I could repeat them every day for you if you like hahahahaha I couldn’t do without them 🙂

So i had yogurt with peaches for breakfast, 2 slices of brown bread with peanut butter and a banana for lunch. I had a small granola bar at 4 (which i need at the end of the day or i start snacking the minute i get in the door and start cooking).

We had yummy dinner:

I stir fried a courgette (which i a zucchini in the US, i think hahahaha), three colors of bell pepper and a box of mushrooms. I added some garlic and ground ginger (YUMMY). I marinated some chicken with chili pepper, black pepper and a little olive oil and fried that too. No extra oil needed here. And of course my trusty baked potato 🙂 I couldn’t loose weight without the baked potato and my scrumptious garlic sauce, literally mouth watering, yes even a 6 am ROFL. Recipe for the garlic sauce can be found in an earlier post. If you need the fast trick for the baked potato (which is cooked in 7 minutes) let me know 🙂

I didn’t get my walk ’cause hubby had to go out but i did a 10 minute zumba workout (which you can find on my pinterest page if you are interested).  I always try to close my evening with my 0 points Nescafe Cappucino 🙂 And managed to do it again. And even with this European Cup football on the tv 24-7 (don’t understand why, Holland didin’t live up to the standard and didn’t make it to the next round) i managed to sit with my cappucino and enjoyed NCIS-LA 🙂

I hope you all have a great day my friends !
I know i will, new clothes make the woman 🙂
Huggles from Holland !

You thought i had given up right ?

Wrong hahahahahahaha 🙂

I must admit i have been trying to get past a plateau and that is hard….it really does make you want to give up. When the camping season opens April 1st we try and get back to our caravan as many weekends as we can. The weekends seemed to blow all my efforts out of the water. I didn’t think i was doing anything wrong but i wasn’t journalling and i wasn’t weighing my food and i probably wasn’t drinking as much water as i should have been.

Well i think i am ready to get past that. This past weekend, we didn’t go to the caravan because our niece turned 3 (couldn’t miss that now could we) so i went shopping. Yes clothes shopping and it was awesome 🙂 I spent around € 500,00 (which is around 630 US dollars or 400 British pounds) and i had a ball. I bought everything from underwear to a jacket, from sports shoes to summer tops, from jeans to makeup 🙂 And the most awesome thing was the size 🙂 Now who would want to give up on that and it only gets better. My top size went down 2-3 sizes and my trousers 2 sizes, even my feet are a size smaller, unfortunately my bust too is slightly smaller ROFL

So i think i am on track, the big test of course will be this weekend but i will be wearing some awesome new clothes to remind me what i am doing this for. I will be taking my new sports outfits with me hahahaha so i may even get a good walk in too 🙂

Well as you may know i take photo’s of my food when i do well hahahaha

Sunday June 17th

Does that look yummie or what. I stir fried 3 coloured peppers, a box of mushrooms and a head of broccoli. I added a little soy sauce (the real stuff not the sweetend and additive packed stuff) and a sniff of fish sauce, some lemon grass and ginger. I rubbed some chicken breast with a little curry powder and fried that in a non stick pan with a tiny bit of oil. I boiled some white rice (of which i only had a tiny bit tihi)

Monday Jun 18th

No pic sorry 😦 I had a baked potato with garlic sauce. Some easy peasy green beans (yes out of a jar and heated ROFL). We also had a slavink, now that is something typically Dutch its minced pork wrapped in a slice of bacon. Twas all yummy. Of course i finished of my meal with a Nescafe Cappucino 🙂

All good.

Back tomorrow !

Refresh page hahaha

Hi there,

Can you kind of tell i got stuck….

I got caught up in the same old trap of thinking i new what i was doing. So without really noticing i stopped tracking my food and water, then i stopped blogging and taking photo’s of my food, then i stopped my walks on Tuesday and then i stopped on Thursday too 😦

Weight loss slowed down considerably and yesterday to a grinding halt. This week i gained. This is the first real gain since i had a seven ounce gain due to medication. So now i stand at 300 pounds…..bummer.

I am so angry with myself and can’t stop asking why……even driving dear hubby up the wall. I thought i had found a way to keep my weight under control and make it a part of my lifestyle. For some reason i was wrong.

So…refresh page 🙂 and start over.

Here i am sitting with my trusty water bottle. Planning my meals for today and tomorrow and working on my blog. When i am done here and on the stats page, i am going to my weight watchers page to fill in my breakfast and then on to tagger to update that too 🙂

I promise myself to wear my step counter today, take photo’s of my dinner and go to zumba this evening. I can though share our meals plans with you.

Monday May 21st 2012
2 courgettes, stir fried with mushrooms and tomatoes. I make it with rice for my men but won’t eat that today. We will have that with and pork loin covered with breadcrumbs and herbs. The tomatoes ‘melt’ in the pan and make it a yummie sauce. I will probably add some italian herbs or cajun spices depending on my mood.

Tuesday May 22nd 2012
Potato mash with endive and a Dutch sausage. Not much to tell here its a typical Dutch dish. You will have to wait for the photo’s hahaha

For now i can share some quotes. I may have posted them before but i kind of need them right now !

Back tomorrow !

Huggles from Holland

Wow, weekend cooking

Hi there folks,

I can tell when i am doing well. I take photo’s of my food ROFL I had a great weekend cooking 🙂 Yes, i am here to share.

Yesterday i made the pizza snacks with Yvano. Please read the previous post if you want info on them.

After which i made Spicy Chicken in pita with salad. I have made similar dishes before.  The thing i didn’t share with you before is the awesome garlic sauce that should be eaten with it. Marcel doesn’t like the garlic sauce he prefers a more spicy salsa-ish sauce. So, what the heck i’ll share that too 🙂

Today i made avocado dip breakfast, carrot and orange soup and chili con carne

Under each photo and recipe i will put the scores it received from the family. That way you can see how it rated 🙂 Not that is should rate the same if you make but it might help make up your mind a little easier. So here we go.


6 spoons of 0% fat yogurt
3 spoons of 50% fat mayonaise
1 garlic foot
Chives or parsley

Mix the yogurt and mayonaise in a bowl. Squeeze the garlic and add that. Add parsley or chives, dried of fresh. Parsley helps a tiny little bit with the smell. Chill until needed. It should be eaten cold 🙂

SCORE: Yvano : none, Marcel : none, Jacquie : 10
My men are a bunch of chickens hahaha


1/2 can of tomatoes (preferably biological as they have no added citric acid)
1 ground chili pepper
1/2 red pepper, chopped finely
1/2 green pepper, chopped finely
1/2 yellow pepper, chopped finely
1 onion, chopped finely
1/2 garlic foot
A tiny bit of oil

Heat the oil in a frying pan. Put in the onions and fry them until they are soft but not colored too much. Add the peppers and fry them soft too. Add the tomatoes, chili pepper and garlic and let it simmer for a while. Pour into a bowl and let it cool. It should be eaten cold.

SCORE: Yvano: None, Marcel:8, Jacquie: 9
I like mine better that is all 🙂


300 grams of chicken breast, cut into small pieces
1 red pepper, cut into small pieces
1 onion cut into small pieces
500 grams of mushrooms, cut into small pieces
4 pita’s
green salad
1 teaspoon of cajun spices

About and hour before you cook put the diced chicken in a bowl and massage in the spices. You have to do this really well because it’s not a lot of spices and otherwise one piece will burn your mouth of and the other will have no flavor. Let it stand in the fridge for an hour. Heat a little oil in a frying pan or wok and fry the chicken until its almost cooked. Add the onion, mushrooms and red pepper and stir fry them too. In the meantime heat the pitas under the grill until they are light brown, yes turn them over :S
Slice open the pita’s and put in some greens and then some chicken and then some greens and then some chicken hahahaha. Serve the on the green salad.

SCORE: Yvano : 5, Marcel: 6, Jacquie: 7
Guess that’s that then huh 🙂


1 avocad0
1/2 cup semi skimmed milk
1 spoon of honey
1 teaspoon of muesli, cruesli or granola

Peel the avocado and chop it into bits, put it into a mixer. Add the spoon of honey and the milk and mix it until its an even color. Scoup it into a glass and put the grain of choice 🙂 on top.

This is really yummie, healthy and surprisingly filling.

SCORE: Yvano: none, Marcel: none, Me: 9


4 biological vegetable stock cubes
2 liters of water
2 onions
1 garlic foot
50 ml orange juice

Boil the water. Chop all the veggies and put them in the pan, let the vegetables soften for about 30 minutes. Use a blender (or potato masher) to mash everything together. Stir through the orange juice and serve.
I thought i very fluid if you know what i mean, so i drank it from a cup. The soup was really yummie and 0 ww points 🙂

SCORE: Yvano: 6, Marcel: 7, Jacquie: 7

I will post the Chili tomorrow 🙂

For now i hope everyone has a great evening 🙂



Good week :)

Hi there,

After my weigh in on Wednesday i was really disappointed. I got right back at it but it took me a while to pull myself out of the hole i fell in.

Did you read the post below ? Its was sent to me by Dianne (Hot Mess Princess). She is awesome, we are on the same path to a healthier way of life. And she really thought this would help me out, and of course she is right. I made me open my eyes to where i really am, being honest with myself, i think i am at three possibly on my way to 3 1/2. It also made me see how far i have come and how little i have to go. That is also a good thing because with this weight loss trail and the 100 pounds i have left to travel it often seems overwhelming.

That is why i always appreciate your kind words on here and on facebook. Your guys are awesome and i want to thank you !!

Now in Holland its beautiful weather, really too warm for the time of year. Everyone is walking around in t-shirts and wearing sandals. So decided to paint my toenails. I bought some of the brightest colours i could find at the drugstore yesterday and was ecstatic to find it easier to reach the tootsies. I love the result as well as the colours and took a photo to share with you 🙂 Too cool, if i say so myself tihi.

My dear hubby is outside grumpy because his motor bike will not start. I decided to maybe cheer him up a little with some nice lunch and Yvano and i made some pizza snacks.

Easy Peasy Pizza Snacks


1 pack flaky pastry, here in Holland you can buy it in a pack of 10 squared slices.
1 chopped onion
2 garlic toes
3 spoons of canned corn
100 grams of salami blocks
1 can of tomatoes (425 grams)
3 mushrooms (finely chopped)
1 spoon of Italian spices (i keep them already mixed in my cupboard (oregano, thyme, basil, garlic)
50 grams of grated cheese.

I let it simmer in a pan altogether. Then i put one full spoon of the mixture onto a square of pastry. I folded the squares closed to make a triangle. I scored the edges so they wouldn’t burst open. I put them on a baking tray and sprinkled cheese over them all. 20 minutes in the oven at 250°C.


So i hope you enjoy these yummie snacks on your weekend 🙂 And guess what, hubby’s bike finally started. The battery is new and it wasn’t charged enough ROFL

Oh i wanted to share dinner yesterday.
I went out with two female colleagues for dinner and we had such a laugh 🙂 For starter i had a salad. Yummie, green lettice leaves, pine kernels, red onion, a few olives green and black and three small cubes of grilled fish.

Please excuse the quality of this photo, it was taken with my phone 😦
My main course was a chicken fillet stuffed with mozarella and basil served on a bed of tagliatelli with sun dried tomato. It was served with a side salad and fries. I left the pasta and fries alone and had the salad instead 🙂

For dessert i had a coffee. They served that with a tiramisu bonbon which i thought i deserved and which i thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

All in all, a good weekend so far.

Back soon !

Prepare your mind to change your body


The only thing tougher than starting an exercise program is sticking with it. Case in point: Most new exercisers quit within three to six months, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Don’t worry, we’ve got five easy steps to your New Year’s fitness resolution success.

Woman doing fitness drills

Trying to do too much before you’re psychologically prepared to take the next step may cause you to backslide and, eventually, give up altogether. Deciding to start an exercise program (or any new habit, for that matter) requires a natural chain of events. Cut short one of these five steps and your skinny jeans may end up tossed on the front lawn, along with your bathroom scale.

Here’s how to get real and make this year your best ever.

Stage 1: On your mark (precontemplative)

At this stage you’re not even thinking about making a change. You may have gained weight over the years but haven’t yet decided to do something about it.

Mindset makeover strategy: Surround yourself with supportive friends and family who tell you “you can do this.” Gather information about ways to get started. Research local clubs, gyms and sports that may be of interest to you. Write out the pros and cons of not changing to help you realize the importance of making a change.

Stage 2: Get ready (contemplation)

You may be considering a change now. You’ve gone from “I could never do that” to “maybe I can.”

Mindset makeover strategy: Start small by planning short, 10-minute exercise goals. Look for a motivated friend or join a local tennis team with other players at your level. Think of short activities you can do for part of that time instead of sitting on the couch watching TV.

Stage 3: Get set (preparation)

You’ve figured out what may work for you and are almost ready to get started.

Mindset makeover strategy: Start planning ways to overcome potential issues. Find a nearby gym or exercise class to avoid long travel time and look at other ways to overcome self-imposed obstacles: For example, find a gym that provides child care or buy a jogging stroller and exercise with your child.

Stage 4: Go! (action)

You’ve been exercising steadily for three to six months but have not yet made a permanent lifestyle change.

Mindset makeover strategy: Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two. Be proud of yourself for what you’ve already accomplished. Be prepared for relapses; accept them and move on. Realize you’re making a lifelong commitment. Start a blog or diary of your progress.

Stage 5: Game on! (maintenance)

The initial novelty of the new program may have lost its bloom, but you’ve stuck with it for six months.

Mindset makeover strategy: Add variety and new challenges to your exercise program. If you relapse, ask yourself what happened and plan for what you can do the next time the same situation occurs. Revisit your original list of pros and cons periodically and you’ll realize how far you’ve come!

I got this link from Dianne, you can visit her blog here (which you really need to read ’cause she is such a great writer), she has become an awesome friend as we are both on this new journey. This was written by Linda Melone and you can find her article at ‘She knows health and wellness’. Just click here to jump over to the article.